Eye Brow Transplant


Although the eyelashes do not contain very many hairs, they play a major role in both facial aesthetics and our physical comfort. In addition to framing the eyes and making them more attractive, thick, full lashes help to keep debris out of our eyes. While some people naturally have thick, full lashes, not everyone is so fortunate. For people with sparse or short lashes, or lashes that have developed bare spots due to injury, surgical intervention, or beauty habits, eyelash transplantation is a permanent solution that fills in the upper eyelashes with the patient’s own hair.

Long eyelashes are attractive for men but particularly for women, but some people naturally do not grow full, thick lashes. Although many women use mascara, eyelash extensions, or false eyelashes to boost the overall length and volume of their eyelashes, they cannot permanently augment the lashes, and can even damage the lashes in some cases.

An eyelash transplant is a surgical hair restoration procedure that can help men and women with sparse, short, or fully/partially missing lashes gain fuller, more aesthetically pleasing lashes. The process involves taking hair from the patient’s head and transplanting the follicles individually, threading them into the upper eyelid so as to mimic the natural growth of the eyelashes. Once the implanted hairs have begun to grow, they should continue to grow for the rest of the patient’s life.

When will I be able to see the results?

Hair transplants are not an immediate fix. After the procedure, the hairs will fall out in about two weeks, and will take three months to begin growing again. This is due to the hair’s natural growth cycles. Once the hairs begin to grow, however, you will be able to see fuller, thicker lashes. Final results occur between 6 months to one year after surgery.